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T-shirt Trends for Summer 2019

T-shirt Trends for Summer 2019

Summertime is a fun time. Of many things loveable about summer, the fashion trends of the season are something we look forward to every year. In this blog, we are gonna talk about T-shirt Trends of the season. No matter how many crop tops, dresses and off-shoulder tops we have in our closet, nothing matches the comfort of a t-shirt. T-shirts have been in vogue since eternity and will stay in vogue forever. Check out these T-shirt trends of summer 2019:
Abstract ART

  • Abstract art is the new found love of contemporary fashion pandits. Not only the designers but also the customers are showing immense interest in the T-shirts. The complexity of the designs and deep meaning behind the artworks has drawn more interest towards it.
Reflective T-shirt

  • Technology is an interesting commodity and fashion world isn’t untouched of it either. Reflective t-shirt is a new thing in vogue. Reflective bags, shoes and now t-shirts and bottoms - it has taken not just the internet but the real world also by storm. Throw a flash of light on the design and it reflects a spectrum of light back. You are the shining star in all the selfies and pictures at the party, literally. If you haven’t bout one for yourself you are missing out on a major trend. Check them out here:
Glow in the Dark
  • Okay, so many people get confused between reflective and glow in the dark. The concept is given away in the name itself - Glow in the dark t-shirts glow when there’s no light around similar to the radium toy that we were obsessed with in the childhood whereas reflective t-shirts only glow when light falls on it as they reflect light. Glow in the dark t-shirt is the coolest thing to sport to the parties and night out if you wanna be a sheer head turner at the party.
  • Text T-shirts are love! They are evergreen and ever-so-beautiful to don to any event what-so-ever. Choose the calligraphy and select the content that best suits or reflects your personality. Quirky quotes and pop culture references have the biggest market. Text that people relate to the most such as popular dialogues from the movies, popular quotes, slangs, etc. are the best sellers.

  • Doodle t-shirts are awesome. They are nothing but a world of fantasies painted on your t-shirt. Doodles are ruling every planet in this universe bet it internet, fashion, ads and whatnot. Customised doodling wherein people get their caricatures printed on the shirts is also very popular amongst the millennials.  
Does it trigger the shopa-lover in you? Well, it ought to. These t-shirt trends are here to stay. If you are confused which one to buy, we say go for them all. Trust us, you won’t regret even a penny.
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