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Reflective is the way to go

Reflective is the way to go

Fashion is the most fun-tastic thing ever. Every day, every season and every year there are new trends making way to the market and it becomes very important to keep up with these trends. No, we don’t say you need to follow all the trends, that’s humanly not possible plus not everything suites everybody’s tastes.

Reflective is the one new rage these days. From college students to office goers and part animals to nerds, everybody seems to have been bitten by the reflective bug. It’s the coolest thing selling on the internet today. Let’s check out a few of our favourite reflective fashion items on the block.

The most popular of them all is a reflective t-shirt. These t-shirts look super fab in the pictures when flashlight falls on them. The design reflects the light back and glows in the picture. From minimal designs such as mandalas, texts, etc. to all over prints, reflective t-shirts cater to people having different tastes.
If you have come across that girl grooving on a jazzy tune donning a rainbow legging then you are not untouched of the magic of reflective leggings. No, that’s not graphically created neither is it magic of any sort. That’s how reflective products are supposed to work. They reflect the light falling on them and reflect it in the form of colours.
Sling, tote, wallet or a backpack, you’ll get a reflective bag in every size and style. They have become extremely popular among women lately. You’ll spot women carrying reflective bags at parties, formal events, dates and everywhere and why not, they are super versatile. They compliment every style, outfit and colour. You’ll see a whole new different side of these reflective bags in different settings - entirely black in the room, subtly colourful in the sun and a pop of colour in the influence of a flash or any external light. 
Winter becomes slightly boring and dull in terms of fashion as compared to spring and summer. Unless someone is very particular, the colour palate also becomes limited to the family of greys, maroons and darker shades. Reflective hoodies have given a makeover to the winter fashion. You won’t stop shining be it mist, snow, fog or smog.

Your shoes will also dance to your beat. No, we are not kidding. Reflective shoes reflect colours as light falls on them in the dark and look equally fabulous in the normal lighting. Top notch brands have introduced many designs and experimented with their range of reflective shoes. If you party and rave very often then these reflective shoes or in fact any of the above mentioned reflective products will be your perfect date.

For more such trendy blogs and updates watch this space and check out Unobox to get your hands on some supercool reflective t-shirts, leggings, hoodies and accessories.
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