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Majestic Mandalas in The Fashion World

Majestic Mandalas in The Fashion World

If mandalas are your new found love then you are not alone. Mandalas have created this new whirlwind not only in the world of fashion but also amongst youngsters irrespective of the gender.  You’ll find them everywhere and anywhere, from t-shirts to phone covers, to the desktop wallpapers - the obsession is the
new virus. 
The word is stolen from the rich lexicon of Sanskrit, as is - Mandal which means circle or completion. A mandala is considered a sacred geometric pattern in various religious practices. You’ll spot them at various holy and spiritual places as its repetitive and intricate patterns are considered to be helping in meditation and reducing anxiety. No wonder everyone has fallen head over heels in love with them.
If you’ll look into a mandala for a few seconds you’ll feel a certain attraction towards it. Gradually you begin to move into a different dimension and zone. Due to its roots originating from Indian culture, our inclination towards it is natural but the western world has also developed a next level fascination with them. You’ll find girls getting themselves inked with mandalas too. 
It’s only and only for its symmetrical pattern, intricate designing and multicolour aspect that the fashion industry has embraced this design and completely owned it. After dreamcatchers, mandalas are the new ‘it’ thing. It has a very calming, carefree and gypsy vibe to it, probably for that reason, it has found its place amongst youth especially the travellers, psy-souls and people into meditation and spirituality. The best part is it hasn’t defined its niche and it’s absolutely gender neutral. It’s equally popular amongst men for its geometrical style and insanely
creative patterns. 
To give it even more gypsy and hippie outline, the mandala patterns now come in a reflective range of outfits. Discover the crazy collection of reflective t-shirts exclusively designed to quench you mandala obsession. The association of mandalas and fashion is not only limited to t-shirts - girls are not only opting for mandala printed dress and accessories but also asking for them. Seeing this growing demand for mandala prints and patterns merchandisers have started incorporating them in their designs somehow from phone covers, key chains to bags and wall paintings. They are everywhere. 

Head to our online space to find some crazy mandala stuff from accessories to apparels and don’t forget to tag us on social media. We’d love to feature you.  
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