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Importance of Color Psychology in Fashion

Importance of Color Psychology in Fashion

We are surrounded by colours all the time. Even when we close our eyes a kaleidoscopic pattern of colours fades into the infinity of black. Fashion has always adored coloured and has enhanced their stature for the world. Colours have this super power to kindle feelings and emotions. According to a Canadian study, colours are the first thing that 90% of the consumers form their first impression about the product on.
You must have heard your Mum say “Do not wear this colour today” or “this colour is not appropriate for the occasion” because every colour has a psychological orientation and we humans abide by that.

Let’s unravel the psychological relation of a few popular colours in the fashion world

Bold as Red
The colour Red signifies energy, power and strength. Due to its highest wavelength, Red draws attention faster than any other colour and is visible farther than any other color. Red reflects authority, it has an ability to set the heartbeat of the person along with you a little faster. We recommend to wear red on your first date because a) it’s romantic b) you’ll get all the attention that you need.
Calm as Blue
Blue works on completely opposite lines than red, it reflects calm and relaxed vibes. Due to its subtle tone blue is considered a formal colour and is incorporated in various professional ensembles and outfits. Blue attracts positive vibes and lightens the milieu towards peace. However, too much involvement of blue in someone’s life can drag them towards loneliness and depression.
Serene as White
White has a very peaceful vibe, hence it’s associated with innocence and purity. People who like the colour white or wear white too much are seen as cleanliness friendly, open in thoughts and with creative mindset. Why do you think Doctors and Chef wear white uniforms? White also reflects clarity and credibility that is the reason why big brands like Apple, also incorporate them in their branding. Western brides wear white for the very same reason.
Complete as Black
As far as the history goes the participation of black in the world of fashion has been prominent and no other colour could unwaver its position. Only red comes closer to challenging the authority of black. Black depicts authority, power and prominence. It draws respect and adulation which is why many professionals and business owners are seen wearing black quite often and so do lawyers. Black is considered a complete colour in itself rather it is said to be complimenting other colours, therefore signifies independence. If you wish to explore the range of black apparels - leggings and reflective t-shirts, UNOBOX Shop is the place for you. 
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