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Fashion Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Fashion Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

The thing we share in common is fashion. You and we are here together in this moment because fashion brought us together. And we believe its one tangible force that binds all the fashion lover together as one, irrespective of the color, race, caste, shape or size. Yes, we firmly believe in that.

There are various myths and stereotypes attached to fashion and one of the lamest that we feel is ‘Fashion is for Skinny People’. No, it’s not. Everyone loves fashion and must do it the way they love it. It’s all about how you fit into an outfit and give it your form. 

Here we are, sharing a few styling tips for ladies of all shapes and sizes. 

Dark colors hide and light hues highlight
Colors have this magical power of absorbing and enhancing our perspective that is the reason why many people go for black to look thinner. Darker colours tend to absorb light whereas lighter colours reflect it therefore always wear darker colours around the area that you don’t wanna draw much attention to and wear lighter colours to highlight a particular feature of yours. 
Small Prints vs Big Prints
Prints are always a personal choice but here are some suggestions. If you are opting for prints do not prefer bigger prints because it makes a person look fuller whereas smaller prints work the other way round. 
Wear ruffles and stripes smartly
We know ruffles and stripes look pretty but make sure you wear them smartly because they enhance your features but if they are overdone it can over enhance a particular feature. For example, women with fuller breasts must avoid ruffles around the chest area, you can have ruffles on cuffs instead they look super pretty. 
Choose your fabric wisely
Fabrics have a tendency to adapt to your body. Not every fabric is meant for all body types, for example, cotton can make you look healtheir and satin takes the shape of your body. You’ll understand the nuances of fabrics once you’ll start understanding them. So, the next time you try an outfit at the store always ask for about the fabric.
What’s the right cut and fit for you
Not all cuts and fits complement all body types. If you have a pear-shaped body avoid wearing bodycon dresses, you may go for A-line skirts instead; V neckline is the best for people with broader shoulders and similarly, there are more such complementary fits and cuts for everybody. All you gotta do is understand your body first.
All we have to say is love yourself and love your body. Nobody is perfect and no body is perfect. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and trying new styles. Dress like a diva that you are born to be.
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