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Are you Monsoon Ready? Fashion Stapels of the Season

Are you Monsoon Ready? Fashion Stapels of the Season

After the scorching heat of summer, monsoon comes in like a breath of fresh air. Especially to the people of North India, who await for monsoon just like they do for their salaries. Their level of excitement can be gauged by their social media updates, how everybody goes bonkers when rain showers touch the land of North India. 

What’s a better way to celebrate the festivities of monsoon than fashion? Fashion is kinda season-specific to put up with the fluctuating temperature, weather and the feels. As far as monsoon is considered - it’s a rite of passage for summer to become autumn to ultimately bloom full-fledged into winter. The temperature and humidity are high, the sun doesn’t show up and not every fabric is monsoon friendly. So here are a few basic fashion faux pa that you can avoid or tips that you can keep in mind to enjoy monsoon to the fullest.
A big NO to Denim
Denim is definitely is our go-to-option every time we are stuck with what-to-wear but not for monsoon, guys. The fabric is very thick and holds moisture for longer in case it rains, especially the tight ones. If you wear wet denim for very long it might affect your skin and cause skin problems. 
Tee is you Bae
T-shirts are made of lighter fabric and are more breathable in comparison to tight, body-hugging tops. Take all your short tunics and Kurtis out and include them in your everyday attire along with t-shirts for monsoon.
Avoid Long and training outfits
We suggest you avoid long and heavy outfits like dresses and long kurtas, instead go for short dresses, capris and calf-length pants, if you don’t wanna spoil your favourite training outfits. 
Bright, Bold and Solid Colours
Monsoon is supposed to be a happy season, a season of rainbows and blue skies, so let the brightest of colours pop out from your closet and show up. Avoids white because it’s just not the colours of the season. 
Be Friends with Flip flops and Floaters
When it rains, your feet are the first thing to get the real taste of the monsoon. You need to take good care of your feet. Don’t trap them in shoes, let them breathe in floaters and flip flops so that they may enjoy the weather too.
Keep the Rain Accessories Handy
Umbrella - check, Gum Boots - check, raincoats - check. Make sure you have one of these things with you always. Like everything else in this universe, monsoon also has its pros and cons. So to beat the unwanted side of monsoon, keep your Raingear always handy. 
If you already follow all these staples then my friend rain will not drain you whatsoever. While it rains outside you can make your day even more special - Shop online on Unobox and double the festivities of Monsoon(it’s our guilty pleasure too).
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