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7 Pant Styles that You Must Definitely Own

7 Pant Styles that You Must Definitely Own

We are sure you must have seen girls wearing crazy, pretty trousers on the streets. These days bottoms are making a bigger statement than tops. Gone are the days when wardrobes used to have hundreds of tops and only a couple of bottoms.A new age modern woman wants much more than just a pair of blue
Today, we have different styles, colours and fabric to choose from. If you are even slightly inclined towards fashion, you’d love to spare your 2 minutes on this. Here are some of our favourite Pant Trends this season, check them out.

Okay, so these are super pretty looking calf-length trousers. They are very comfortable, flowy and easy to carry. They go perfectly with a crop top or you may even pair it up with a short traditional top to add a little traditional touch to your look.
Cigarette pants
Cigarette pants have been in vogue for a couple of years now and trust us they aren’t going anywhere in the near future. The best part about them is they can be worn to casual as well as formal occasions. The striped cigarette pants are a rage these days. If you are confused out of all styles, we say go for cigarette pants, they compliment every body type. 
    Flared Pants or Bootcut jeans
      First of all, let’s clear the confusion between these two. Bootcut pants are the ones who are fitted till your knees and start flaring thereon and flared pants have a flared silhouette from above the knees itself. They are a burning hot trend these days. If you are planning to invest in denim we say rather go for boot cut or flared jeans rather than a straight or skinny fit.Dhoti pantsYes, as the name suggests these pants resemble the style of dhoti but aren’t exactly the same. Unlike dhoti they are stitched and styled nicely to give a graceful to the pants. They are trending under fusion and traditional fashion segment especially in brighter and lively tone of colours.
        Sweatpants/ joggers
          Comfortable is the perfect synonym to define sweatpants. They don’t really look like pyjamas. Listen if someone calls it a PJ, you have our permission to give them a tight one. They are a saviour in summer. You can easily laze around in them, style it nicely and wear them out on a lunch date. Why not? 
              They have been a kind discovery by the contemporary fashion gurus and we can’t thank them enough for these. Palazzos feel like home when you slip into them. They are super duper comfy to sport and go perfectly with anything and everything. You can style a traditional or a graceful contemporary look with them.

                  “I don’t like leggings,” said no girl ever like ever. They are a perfect pick for a party, casual outings, dinner date or even a sports event. The reflective leggings are a new trend these days and have become an internet sensation. If you have had enough of simple leggings, try these ones. Trust us, you'll love them.
                    How many of these do you have in your closet already? If you have them all, great you have kept up with the fashion trends, my girl. Give a pat to yourself.
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