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6 Different Ways to Style your Black T-shirt

6 Different Ways to Style your Black T-shirt

Black is the most versatile and the most loved colour in the fashion world. Black is the only black and no other colour could ever dare to challenge its reign. Above all, this magical colour has amazing superpowers of making everyone look leaner. Even in Spring when colours take over the surroundings, you’ll find a few people sporting black unabashedly because no matter what, black will always have its place intact in people’s wardrobe. 

A plain or a printed black t-shirt can be styled in thousand differen’t ways and your friends will compliment you every time that’s the magic of a black t-shirt. Here are a few of our favourite styling.
 Pair of Blue Jeans
The most comfortable attire ever - A black t-shirt and denim make the most beautiful pair. If ever in doubt, trust us, this can be your fall back option, unapologetically.
Middie Skirts 
An uber-cool black t-shirt, when paired up with a pretty middie skirt, will definitely make a perfect combination, especially the accordion skirts. This is quite a popular combination amongst celebrities to the likes of  Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma.
Shorts or Skirts and a denim jacket
For a sporty yet chirpy look pair your badass black t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts or a colourful short skirt. To give your look a quirky touch you can also sport a patched denim jacket on top and complete the entire look with crazy sports shoes.
High Waisted culottes
On a casual summer afternoon, when your friends give you a call to meet up who wants to dress-up and waste energy. Pick your black t-shirt and a pair of culottes and that’s it. You are all set to go. 
A Long Flannel Shirt
When summer starts coming to an end or during monsoon when the wind becomes a little generous our shrugs and shirts start coming out. Don your favourite flannel shirt over a black t-shirt and slip into your comfy leggings to complete the look. 
All Black
Okay, our favourite of them all. It no doubt looks super cool on some guys and girls but it isn’t that simple to pull of all black. A black t-shirt with a pair of black jeans or a skirt looks super cool. Just make sure your shoes and accessories are also not black to break the monotony.
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